How Smoking At Restaurants Bring Perfection To The Meat?

Smoking meat isn’t just some simple, streamlined, and repetitive process that you learn once and apply it for preparing every type of smoked meat. There is variation in preparation time for different meat. Fat content also differs from one type of meat to another. This is added up with a difference in spicing and wood type needed for smoking.

What’s more, you also need to understand the difference between hot smoking and cold smoking.

Hot smoking is generally the process where the temperature varies between 165 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit, though many might prefer to keep it as high as 275 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the temperature, the better it is as:

  • It helps to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • It turns fat into liquid
  • The meat becomes more tenderized

Hot smoking is done in the same chamber where wood is burned and cold smoking is done in an unheated place or chamber through which pumping of smoke takes place. The smoke comes from an externally placed firebox. Though traditional hot and cold smoking was done only for proteins, the modern day chefs have taken to experiments with innovative techniques.

Another big difference to think about is that of smoked salmon and lox. If you are an avid visitor of all delis in your locality then you should know that smoking makes all the difference. Smoked Salmon is first cured and then smoked while lox is cured but it is not smoked.

The best BBQ deli and restaurants offer the best quality smoked meat that is made from authentic processes. And, beef brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs are indeed the best type of meat that renders the best taste and flavor after smoking. Actually, compared to few other types of meat, these meat types have high fat content and this helps to make them tender and moist, instead of turning them into dry and drab, completely bereaved of flavor and juices.

Also, they keep the fat placed perfectly between the meat and the fire for best results. Flipping the meat during smoking helps to evenly spread the heat. This is how the restaurants bring in the desired perfection.

In this regard, Jarry Viande Fumée Montreal has gained enough recognition for its rich, flavorful taste and authentic preparation techniques. To savor the delicious smoked meat, this place is a must visit.