Great News for NZ Beer Drinkers: Craft Beer is Here

We live in a beautiful part of the world and are closely connected with nature and the beer scene has been pretty much the major brands that mass produce beer in cans and while there’s nothing wrong with buying your beer in the supermarket, there are much better options on the table.

Locally Brewed Craft Beer

There are groups of brewers who take ancient European recipes and use locally grown ingredients to produce craft beer of very high quality and in many forms. Crisp pilsners and pale ales are a specialty and with a Google search, you can order from the microbrewer’s website and have your selection delivered to your door. The current NZ government is doing all it can to help private enterprise and we can expect to see small microbreweries popping up, which is great news for the beer drinker.

Support your Local Community

When you buy your weekly beer in a supermarket, the profit goes mainly to the manufacturer; a national company. The local microbrewery is owned and managed by people in the community and your weekly order helps many families within the community. If you have yet to experience craft beer, why not order a mixed selection pack and sample some of their best brews

Superior Taste

Let’s face it, beer is all about taste; something that’s hard to find with the big names and the craft beer brewer has a range of premium craft beers for you to try. We all have our unique preference when it comes to beer and you can enjoy the process of discovery with premium craft beers, all at affordable prices. The beers are made with 100% natural ingredients and there are no chemicals to preserve, which you find in mass-produced beer.

Online Solutions

It matters not where you live, search online and you will find NZ microbrewers and after browsing their website, you can place an order and in no time, the beer will be in your cooler. Once your drinking buddies know you have craft beer, you’ll have regular visitors and they will want to do the same. The affordable prices mean you can save a little money and most brewers will offer free delivery and there’s no excuse for having an empty fridge.

Craft beer offers so much and with purely natural, locally grown ingredients, you are also supporting your local community, Be sure to try out other beer recommendations to find what works best for you.