Cooking Duck Breast is an Art That Needs Skills and Patience

Duck meat is flavourful and doesn’t contain saturated fat. When we talk about duck meat, it is basically the breast and legs. Leg meat is darker and contains a lot of fat compared to breast meat. It isn’t that just breast and legs can be prepared for a dish, but every duck part can be grilled, roasted or cooked to prepare a tasty dish. However, duck is costly and so is turkey, but chicken is affordable.

There are various species of duck, which means that domestic duck is bigger and fatter than wild and poultry duck. Domestic duck has large layer of fat within the skin. This helps in keeping the meat juicier. In order to retain the flavour of seasonings and herbs within the meat, one should prick skin before marinating. This also allows fat to melt and come out of skin to spread all over the meat.

Pan roasting duck meat is good and healthy as it cooks slowly retaining all nutrients and flavour in it. The most liked meat is the duck breast which is full of fat. The flavour comes through fat that melts while cooking. To get juicier flavour you should always prick the meat properly for fat to spread all over. Apart from just roasting or grilling, there are many other ways of cooking duck breast. If you search online you will get best duck breast recipes which are quick and good to taste.

Here is the classic way of cooking duck meat –

  • Before cooking duck breast keep it in the refrigerator for three days to evaporate moisture from it. Then take it out and bring it to room temperature, prick hole in it allow cooking so that the outer skin is crispy and fat spreads all over the meat.
  • You can either fry in pan, slowly, or preheat oven on 400F and cook for 15-18 minutes, 6 ounce of duck breast and 2.5 hours for 2 pounds of meat.

Below mentioned are some of the best recipes provided by renowned chefs –

  • Serve roasted duck breast with plum sauce that is sweet and tangy. You can moist the meat with honey, plum wine, soy sauce and five spice powder during roasting.
  • Medium cooked meat can also be served with pickle potatoes, sprouts and beets.
  • Duck tandoori is the Indian style of preparing duck meat where breast is soaked with ginger, chilli powder, turmeric and yogurt before roasting.
  • Try the Turkish style of duck kebab where meat is minced and then spices are mixed before roasting it on pan in round shape.

A lot many recipes can be prepared to give duck meat a splendid taste. Each duck part can be utilized to prepare a dish. If you’re spending money on an expensive food, then use it completely.