How to Prepare A Healthy and Delicious Dish with Duck?

You can prepare a delicious dish with duck meat which is considered to be healthier than chicken. Visit to find the method to prepare a dish using duck meat.


  • Duck breast

Take 100 grams of roasted and sliced duck breast from which you will get almost 30 grams of protein, even if you choose average duck breast. In fact, this will be very useful for your muscles. Although duck is known to have high most of it remains under the skin. Hence, remove the skin prior to cooking and you will have a very high-quality protein which will also be good to taste and also low in fat content.

  • Alfalfa

Take 10gm of Alfalfa which contains high protein, vitamin and minerals. The sprouted seeds can lower cholesterol and due to the presence of essential enzyme protease, it will aid protein digestion. Therefore, entire protein from your meat will immediately go to your muscles.

  1. Coriander

Take 10g of coriander, as it can detoxify your body by helping digestion and also it has anti-inflammatory properties which is ideal to deal with the oxidising effects. According to a study done by researchers, vitamin K can strengthen the muscle capillaries, and also necessary for getting various nutrients in your muscles.

  • Red/white cabbage

Take 160g, shredded cabbage which has vitamin C and also contains plenty of glutamine, an amino acid and has anti-inflammatory property. It can help muscle growth.

  • Carrot

Take 80g, shredded carrot which has vitamin A and carotenoids and rejuvenates the body by helping the growth of various healthy new cells. You can reduce inflammation due to exercise by using carrot.

  • Sesame and hemp seeds

Take 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds as they are rich in copper and manganese which are necessary for energy production as well as to speed up your muscle recovery. Hemp seeds are also having high amino and fatty acids. Also, they are a great protein and fibre source that can quickly convert to energy.

The dressing

  • 60ml of rice wine vinegar
  • 125ml of light soy sauce
  • 15ml of light olive oil
  • 1-tsp of brown sugar
  • 1 diced chilli (red)
  • 15ml olive oil

The method

Mix all the shredded ingredients e.g. alfalfa and coriander. Now place it in lunch box, and sprinkle with seeds by keeping the breast of duck on top. Mix together entire dressing ingredients and then place it in small bottle. Now place this in fridge and then pour the dressing on the dish before eating.