5 Reasons to Choose Organic Foods

Huff Post reports that 45 percent of American citizens choose to buy organically grown foods. This food is being touted as the way to eat for health conscious people. University Health News Daily defines organically grown foods as those that are grown using special farming practices that exclude the use of synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms, fertilizers that use human sewage, and irradiation.

Certain groups of people are more vulnerable to the health risks associated with eating non-organic food. Time reports that the groups that should consider clean eating are the elderly, pregnant women, people with allergies, and young children.

There are many sources that can be consulted on the healthiest recipes to promote healthy eating habits. Cooking Bureau offers excellent advice for health-conscious individuals.

Below are five important reasons why people choose to buy organic foods.

  1. Eliminates excessive antibiotics regularly pumped into the meat

Animals raised for slaughter are pumped full of antibiotics to keep them healthy. While on the surface, the presence of antibiotics in animal products may not worry a lot of people, facts have changed significantly in recent years. There is a growing concern over new resistant superbugs that can infect people who have been overexposed to antibiotics from eating animals laced with these drugs.

Organic farms restrict the use of antibiotics. Animals are more humanely treated on these farms and are allowed to roam in more natural conditions that mimic nature. Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health reports that these practices lower disease and the need for antibiotics.

  1. Reduces the number of pesticides

According to Conserve Energy Future, multiple health problems are linked to chemical pesticides. Cancer is one major disease that is linked to exposure to higher levels of contaminants. Other health problems associated with the consumption of pesticides are birth defects, ADHD, premature death, digestive problems, headaches, and a compromised immune system. When in doubt, choose organic food colors to target healthy options.

  1. Improves heart health

University Health News Daily reports that there is evidence that organically grown beef and milk products contain larger amounts of omega-3 fat which is considered to be heart healthy. For the same reason, people who eat a lot of fish are less likely to develop heart disease.

  1. Protects brain health

Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health reports there is a link between pesticide exposure, lower IQ scores, and ADHD in children. Pregnant women who were exposed to higher levels of pesticides were studied to arrive at these results.

  1. Builds a stronger immune system

Since there is a connection between a compromised a immune system and eating food that is unhealthy, it makes sense for people to buy organic food for an improved immune system. Since organic foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals, it improves your immunity system.


There are many good reasons to eat clean, organically-grown food. Choose organic food colors to avoid processed foods. If the color doesn’t grow in nature, then you should always avoid it, if you want to stay healthy.