Finding Your Favorite Ice Cream Cake

Is ice cream cake the most perfect dessert? Maybe. It’s got creamy ice cream and a rich, delicious cakey or crunchy layer combined into one. You can get ice cream and cake in every bite. Yum. Plus, ice cream cake is easy to serve and universally liked, so it’s an ideal choice for any occasion. And, if all that isn’t enough, ready-made ice cream cakes taste every bit as good as homemade. Keeping one or two on hand in your freezer means you’re prepared to serve a tasty treat at any moment. So yes, ice cream cake is clearly the most perfect dessert.

Beyond Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream cake is amazing. No changes or extra frills are necessary. But, sometimes the moment calls for something different. What other ice cream cake flavors might you try?

Chocolate. Still classic, but the chocolate flavor makes an ice cream cake even richer and more decadent. Choose a cake made with chocolate ice cream chocolate cake, or one made with a layer of fudge.

Cookies. Bites of cookie dough or crushed Oreo cookies added to the ice cream layers in an ice cream cake add texture, flavor, and fun.

Brownies. Fudgy, chewy brownies are a perfect addition to an ice cream cake. Instead of a light cake layer, a brownie ice cream cake features a dense brownie that will melt in your mouth.

Banana Split. Banana splits are probably the next item on the list of perfect desserts. Three flavors of ice cream, cherries, bananas, nuts, and whipped cream – there’s something here for everyone to love.

Candy. Adding candy flavors to ice cream cakes is another way to elevate an already perfect dessert. Choose Reese’s peanut butter, caramel turtles, or creamy fudge. Or maybe you’d simply like to opt for bright, crunchy candy sprinkles in a rainbow of colors. You really can’t go wrong.

Fruit. Ice cream and fruit are a mouthwatering combination. You’ll find a variety of ice cream cakes that feature strawberry ice cream, another classic flavor. But it’s also easy to add your own fruit to any ice cream cake. Serve ice cream cake topped with seasonal fresh fruits or any fruit sauce and delight your family and friends.

Try Them All

It’s impossible to choose which ice cream cake combo is the best one. You’ll need to try them all to see which you like best.