How to Use a Pizza Stone

A Pizza stone is one of the best alternatives that you can use for producing traditional pizza if you don’t have a full-size stone pizza oven. Unfortunately, many people that purchase pizza stones and up ruining them or cooking their pizza in properly. In this blog, were going to cover exactly what you need to do to care for a pizza stone and use it properly:

A Pizza stone works by making sure that it can properly heat pizza dough to the same consistent temperature that a stone pizza oven would. Pizza stones have a high heat transfer rate and this offers a much more controlled heating surface over a grilled area. As soon as the crust touches a pizza stone, it starts cooking.

Most pizza stones do not require any type of seasoning. If your pizza stone is marked as a preseason pizza stone there’s no chance to put any type of oil on it to season it before you use it. This will only lead to the chance that you could ruin the pizza stone or cause it to smoke heavily and the other. These preseason pizza stones will also require far less flour for producing pizza and preventing sticking for the dough.

Using the pizza stone means preheating your oven to its maximum temperature which is usually around 550°. Placing the pizza in the center of the stone and then cooking it for around 5 min. will often be all that’s required to cook a thin crust pizza almost fully. Make sure that your pizza stone has an appropriate amount of time to cool after it’s removed from the oven before you clean it.

Using a stone brush and hot water is one of the easiest ways to clean off your pizza stone. Make sure that it is never fully submerged in water. Air dry the pizza stone before using it again. Cooking away the excess moisture can sometimes cause the stone to crack so this should be avoided.

If you have always wanted a pizza stone remember some of these top ideas when you are using it for the first time.

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