A Guide to Organising an Outdoor Event

If this role has been assigned to you and it’s your first time to oversee an outdoor event, this article was written for you. Of course, there are many variables, but if you know how to plan and organise, online solutions provide you with a platform to arrange everything, and you won’t even have to leave the office! Here are a few helpful hints to ensure the event goes as smoothly as you wish.

  • Compile a Game Plan – This is your first task, and the information should include the event objectives, which might be to promote a new product line, or as a thank you for regular clients, along with your budget – which really determines your scope. Take a sheet of A4 – or open a word document – and list all the facilities that you do have, and make another list of things you do not have, but require. Obviously, there will be entertainment and presentations, so the timeline should be calculated, and with regular practice runs, the show schedule would be smooth. Make sure you have a backup laptop, and a USB stick with all the playlists and PowerPoint files, just in case your machine quits.
  • Catering – A live event means guests, so refreshments need to be suitable for the occasion, and you really can’t afford to take a chance with this one, so hiring a professional event caterer is recommended, and even if this takes a large slice of your event budget, it is worth it. One could always source online wholesale catering supplies and handle the catering, which would certainly save you some money, but you would need adequate manpower and resources to pull this off.
  • Amenities– Car parking and directions need to be carefully planned, and there must be ample washroom facilities – there are online suppliers of VIP restroom units, and this would be a cost effective solution. The area should correspond to the expected number of guests, and there are online suppliers of everything from marquee tents to dance floors, and with a list of all your required items, a single order will have everything on its way.
  • Contingency Plans – Things sometimes do not turn out as we would expect, and a live event is not exempt from this. The British weather is famed for its unpredictability, so no matter how clear the forecast is, make sure you have adequate cover, should the heavens decide to open. If there happened to a power outage, a small generator would definitely save the day, and all key items should be checked and double checked prior to the event.

Planning is the key, and make sure you have everything covered by reviewing the plan until you are confident that there will be no nasty surprises, and with online connectivity, keeping track has never been easier. Whatever you need, it can be quickly sourced online, and hopefully, the event will be a huge success, and you will be remembered as the organiser who orchestrated a success.