9 Quick snacks for late night munching

Late nights can be the only time to relax if you’re a college-going student or a working professional. It’s the only time you can find peace and comfort in a safe space and have some much-needed me-time to yourself. Often people take this time to reflect on the day that has been while making plans for the coming day. However, many like to switch off and put their mind to rest by binge-watching their favourite comedy shows or reading a book or simply spending time with their loved ones.

All of these activities, and even things like working on a last-minute project, can be made better with some quick snacks for late night munching. We all know it’s a bit unhealthy, but snacks are simply irresistible during this time of the night whether you’re working hard or taking a break. Looking for some interesting or quick snacks for late night munching? Here are our top 9 picks!

  • Potato biscuits – A unique and masala-filled snack, potato biscuits are thin biscuits made with a tangy and spicy seasoning mix that is sure to be loved by all. Bingo Sunfeast All Rounder Potato Biscuits are a lip-smacking snack that is perfect for any time of the day, but especially delightful for late-night munching if you’re a lover of all things masala!
  • Bhel Puri – Made with puffed rice, chopped onion, chopped tomato, and spices like chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric and a combination of tangy and spicy pastes along with mixture, Bhel Puri is topped off with a squeeze of lemon. It’s an easy-to-make snack that can be light on the stomach while being appetizing too.
  • Instant noodles – Noodles are loved by children and adults alike, making them a highly preferred late-night snack. Instant noodles are hot, generally, a bit soupy and spicy which complements the lower temperatures in the nighttime and gives a sense of comfort. Choose from a range of YiPPee! Noodles for a flavourful night. You can get creative and add your own choice of spices too. Check out the red chilli powder price on ITC Store for more.
  • Cakes and Rolls – Don’t you crave for a few bites of a delicious spongy dessert a few hours after dinner? Try Sunfeast Caker Swiss Roll. A rolled chocolatey cake with an airy and sweet texture, this is a wonderful snack to have when you are in the mood for something sweet.
  • Potato chips – Brands like Bingo! chips produce a variety of potato chips in various flavour profiles and shapes. These crispy and well-seasoned chips can help reduce hunger pangs and satisfy your craving for fried food at night.
  • Dark Chocolate – Did you know that having dark chocolate can improve mood, reduce stress and be good for your physical health too? Many studies have found that dark chocolate contains several important nutrients hence, having a few bites of your favourite dark chocolate at night as a snack can’t hurt!
  • Instant Pasta – Just like instant noodles, instant pasta is another popular form of instant food that is preferred by kids and adults alike. Its creamy cheesiness and its stunning spices make it a warm and filling snack to have. Looking for some delectable instant pasta?
  • Digestive biscuits – For a wholesome and nutritious option, digestive biscuits make for a great late night snack. Are you watching your weight or avoiding products made with maida? Choose digestive biscuits made with oats and other whole grains for a healthy and filling snack.
  • Frozen Yoghurt – Another healthy yet extremely delectable and light snack is frozen yoghurt. This thick yoghurt generally comes in an array of flavours to make things even more exciting. A great way to add protein to your diet and avoid junk food, frozen yoghurt can save your late night hunger pangs easily.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our top 9 late-night snack suggestions. Let us know which one you’d like to try tonight. Happy snacking!