Quick guide to choosing ice cream cups with lids

The most famous technology population images for ice cream cups with lids

Labels and images on ice cream paper cups are an effective and economical form of advertising. The wide surface of this disposable tableware is just made for printing – it can be an original drawing, a brand logo, a marketing message, or even a custom-made comic. It can also include website URLs and QR codes to encourage the target audience to visit the company’s website.

Types of printing on ice cream cups

When drawing a picture on ice cream cups with lids, various technologies are used:

  • Offset: the most common type is offset printing. It is based on the principle of using water-oil repulsion. The advantages of offset printed paper cups are bright, rich, high-definition images. You will be equally good at making thin lines and a gradient, making the cup look attractive and original.
  • Silk-screen: such printing is also widespread. It is suitable for printing on soft objects such as paper and cloth and hard objects such as glass, ceramics, etc. However, screen printing is unsuitable for advertising messages on paper cups because it restricts the reproduction of graphics and texts. There are also specific difficulties with the transfer of the gradient and the fidelity of the image.
  • Flexographic: it involves the use of water-based inks. Currently, many packaging and paper products companies are developing in the direction of flexography. The main advantage of flexographic printing is its relatively low cost. Flexography is an excellent budget option; however, it does not allow you to convey various colors, shades, mid-tones, and gradients.

These are just the most popular options. In fact, there are much more drawing technologies.

Criteria for selecting quality ice cream cups with lids

We want to help you make the right buying decision. Check out the following tips.

  • Choose a manufacturer offering custom options. Printed ice cream cups reflect the brand’s personality. Only a business owner can understand what he wants from his branded material and products. Many manufacturers offer ready-made cups with printing; they are not ready to satisfy the client looking for non-standard options. The beauty of choosing a flexible maker is the ability to translate your ideas into cup designs.
  • Pricing as a critical factor: Quality comes at a cost. But that is never an excuse for not looking for the best deals. In addition to the numbers on the price tags, manufacturers offer different benefits for each order of printed ice cream cups. Producers A and B may sell cups at the same price but have various advantages regarding order size, shipping costs, or discounts.
  • Analysis of demand in your business. Clients know what they want. If you sell a variety of printed ice cream cups, some will be in high order, and some may not attract attention. It’s best to choose a design that your customers will love. It will reduce the cost of fixed cups and sell more ice cream.

A responsible ice cream cup manufacturer knows which printing technology is best for each application. The stylish packaging is half the success of your products.