Important Things You Must Consider When Booking A Wedding Caterer

Planning for a wedding catering could be the most challenging task in a wedding event. The perfect 3 course meal at such a grand occasion can be described as the one that is succulent, fresh, light, traditional, and within your budget.  To make the best arrangement for wedding catering requires you to know about the wedding catering terminologies.

Take good care of the catering staff

Behind the success of a wedding event, lies the efforts of several people who were involved in it.  Waiters, reception staff, bar staff, and event-coordinators etc. are all responsible for efficient organization of your wedding catering event.

You must ensure that they have been taken care of well. Houston is the best place to provide specialized catering services. Catering Houston provides several food choices for you as well as your guests that ensure that customer service is their first priority.

Take care of back of the house

Once you have identified and taken good care of the front of the house people, then now you need to also consider back of house staff. Chefs, porters, sous chefs and the people who arrange the food should also be given importance and treated well. They are the most important ones when it comes to wedding catering.


Canapés are the delicate little bites that you will find floating all across the room or organized gracefully across the tables. They are very commonly seen at catered functions. They ooze sophistication and are ideal to keep people fueled without making them bloated.

Bowl Foods

Great food is one of the keys that leads to a great party. Small bowls of mouth-watering food that acts as a healthy alternative to canape. Guests can relish them without sharing. They are small mini meals to keep your guests light enough to dance.


This term is a very general term used to refer meal at any event. Refreshments are an additional catering expenditure that depends on the client to decide whether or not to include it in the budget.

You can keep your guests entertained by munching some light snacks throughout the day along with coffee, soft beverages, fruit juice, water, tea. Such refreshment will keep them hydrated without causing any hiccups.


These are the most essential wedding catering terms that will help you organize and completely understand the ideal culinary delights on the big day. Your knowledge about catering will help you in performing an effective wedding catering plan.