How to manage your micro-brewery

Craft beer has become a clear favourite among Indian consumers. Especially among the millennials, the product has gained immense popularity. As per the projections by the All India Brewers Association, sales of craft beers will grow at 20% year on year which is higher than 5-7% y-o-y growth in the beer market.

3 top tips to manage your micro-brewery

Running a microbrewery is an altogether different ballgame. Let’s check how a restaurant management software will come to your aid in managing the day-to-day operations at your establishment.

Include the right dishes –

Keep in mind that food sales make up a major part of the overall revenue of your micro-brewery. Analyse the food items that are most preferred by your customers as a side dish. With a digital restaurant management software such as Inresto POS, get valuable insights into the highest selling dishes. Come up with variations of the most performing food items. For eg. if fish and chips is one of the highest selling item, introduce items such as fish fingers to your menu.

Run promotional campaigns –

Promote your microbrewery business through your website and mobile apps. Be active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. With a robust restaurant POS software, now it’s pretty easy to run marketing campaigns. Depending on the target segment, choose various modes of communication channels such as SMS, E-mail, or push notifications. Just with a single click, send promotional messages to a huge number of customers.

Monitor your inventory levels –

Track your inventory levels live from any location, anytime. A restaurant POS software will alert you whenever it’s time to place the fresh order of inventory. Hence no more worries about running short of stock. It also helps utilise your raw materials to the maximum. Also, cut down wastage and pilferage of raw materials to a large extent. The detailed reports offer valuable insights on stock variance and pilferage.

Parting Words

With a restaurant management software, managing your micro-brewery is not an uphill task anymore. The timely insights will help you trim those extra expenses and improve your efficiency significantly.