Disposable Cups for Hot Drinks are a Great Way to Serve

Cups are required in preparation for various holidays. Significantly often, they are used when going on picnics. Still, such dishes are often used indoors — at coffee breaks and other events.

The most common disposable cups for hot drinks are 200 ml. They are easy to use, do not break when dropped, and are safe even for small children. It is a practical dish thrown away immediately after a single-use.

Where are disposable cups used?

Disposable cups are used in cafés, bars, canteens, offices, and in everyday life. Such dishes are convenient for various family celebrations. It is made from expanded polystyrene and polypropylene. These environmentally friendly materials are widely used in the food industry. The wholesale disposable hot cups are suitable for both cold and hot drinks.

Benefits of using paper cups

The main advantages of using such cups for hot drinks:

  • Environmental friendliness. Cups are made from natural raw materials. They are easily disposed of and can be recycled.
  • Non-toxic. Paper is safe for human health. When heated, it does not emit odor and does not change the taste and quality of the drink.
  • Low thermal conductivity. Due to the low thermal conductivity, disposable cups do not get too hot from hot contents and do not burn hands while maintaining the temperature of the contents for longer.
  • The practicality of use. The paper cup is simple and easy to use. It does not deform, does not slip out of the hands, it does not need to be washed.
  • Aesthetic appearance and pleasant tactile sensations. The tactile feel of touching paper while tasting a drink is much more satisfying than handling more complex materials.

Moreover, cups are a unique advertising space. Applying high-quality full-color printing allows you to make disposable cups bright and colorful, placing an image, slogan, or logo. A cup with an original design is an excellent tool for creating a company or brand image.

Types of paper cups

The main difference between paper cups is the number of layers of material. Depending on this, there are two types of cups:

  • Single-layer. Hot drink utensils have lamination, which protects the cup from leakage and loss of rigidity, applied only from the inside. These products are characterized by lower thermal conductivity, and an extended stay of the hot liquid to keep such cups is not comfortable. In addition to single-layer cups, unique cuffs or cup holders should be used to increase convenience and comfort. It is not recommended to pour cold drinks with ice into such cups. It contributes to condensate formation on the surface, quickly soaking the paper on the outside, and the cup loses its shape.
  • Two-layer. It is denser disposable tableware, which is also designed for hot drinks. Such cups do not have an external polyethylene covering. They are made of two layers of paper, between which there is an air layer, which provides excellent thermal insulation. Such cups are a kind of thermos made of paper, which protects fingers from burns, and keeps coffee and other beverages hot for a long time.

Also, for the segment, manufacturers offer corrugated paper cups. These are two-layer products, the top layer of which is made of corrugated paper.