How to Make Awesome Omelets

Breakfast has always been associated with the most important meal of the day, but plenty of other meals can be brought to life simply by swapping out other foods for breakfast items. In fact, omelets are one of those tried and true favorites of everyone and that is because they make for a filling breakfast, a satisfying lunch or even a light dinner. The options for omelets are only limited by one’s own imagination so making omelets is as simple as using a few simple steps and letting the ingredients speak for themselves. A finished omelet is an amazing treat when made properly and when the right mix of flavors are used.

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Whole Roasted Pork Tenderloin

As one of the leanest meats on the market, pork tenderloin exists as a favorite meal entree for meat lovers worldwide. With a saturated fat level comparable to that of chicken breasts, pork tenderloin also makes for a healthy dinner option.

The great thing about pork tenderloin (as well as any other type of meat) is the fact that you can prepare a wide variety of dishes with it. You can make an easy dish by simply adding seasoning or marinating the pork piece and then putting it in the oven; you can cut it into cubes and mix it into a stir fry dish; you can even add it into a soup if you like.   Continue reading

Roasted Whole Tenderloin

This is a great twist on a classic Roasted Whole Tenderloin. It is recommended to get a fresh cut from the local butcher or supermarket. But the butcher’s cut is the best for freshness and flavor. This is a simply delicious meal that can be served for a family dinner, or a special dinner party with friends. Dazzle you guests as they taste the amazing flavor of this classic oven roasted tenderloin.
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How To Prepare Chicken For Roasting

Roast chicken adds hearty flavor to dishes when prepared the correct way. Whether roast chicken is being served for a small family dinner or a larger meal, it is important to prepare the chicken in the best way possible. The first step is making sure the chicken is fresh. It doesn’t matter how fresh a chicken is at the time of purchase. It will still have a strange taste if nothing is done to cut the odor before the cooking phase. White vinegar or natural lime juice are two main things that can be used to soak the chicken before rinsing. For the lime juice, about three limes should be cut in half and squeezed over the chicken and on the inside. Gloves should be worn to protect the person preparing the chicken from possible salmonella and other germs. There are also accidents that result from the use of knives, and open cuts are the last thing anyone wants to have while dealing with raw meat. After five minutes, rinse the chicken under cool water.  Continue reading

Making Paella Garnishing the Dish

We are going to make paella, a delicious rice dish from Valencia, Spain. Today, paella is an international dish. While there are many different variations for paella, our paella will have chicken, pork and assorted types of seafood including squid, shrimp, muscles and sea scallops. Before we get started, you will need to buy a few ingredients at your local market.  Continue reading

Carolina Sweet Tea Tickles Taste Buds

Carolina sweet tea is a delicious treat for those hot Carolina afternoons. Despite the name, it is a drink that is able to be enjoyed anywhere at anytime, although a sunny and warm location is probably the best place to attempt to make it. This sweet tea is made using only water out of your tap and the warmth from the sun. The sun brings out the natural flavors of the tea and allows it to get very strong because it can sit out for hours before it is ready. Carolina sweet tea is very simple to make and only requires a few things like a cold water, tea bags, the sun, sugar, and a pitcher. Continue reading

Summer Salads Fatouche Salad

Summer salads are great tasting, light, and healthy dishes that are, for the most part, easy to prepare. Fatouche is a type of bread salad that can choose from a variety of ingredients but is always built around the main ingredient, pita bread. Most often, stale pita is used although the bread could be toasted as well. The dish, common among countries of North Africa, such as Morocco and Tunisia, uses different vegetables depending on what is in season. Continue reading

How to Make Tomato, Citrus Ginger Chutney

Benefits from proper nutrition are immense. To begin with, a healthy diet enables an individual to maintain proper weight. Good nutrition also ensures that the human body functions optimally during its lifetime. The body is full of energy because proper nutrition also promotes sound sleeping, and also makes the immune system stronger which means people fall ill less often. One of the foodstuffs that can be used to promote such a healthy lifestyle is tomato citrus ginger chutney. Continue reading

How to Eat Sushi Sashimi

Japanese people are popular with their unique way of serving their food. Most Japanese foods are served in a raw or lightly cooked manner and paired with hot seaweed seasonings or soy sauce. Sushi is a kind of dish made from cooked vinegared rice that is combined with other raw ingredients, mostly seafood. Sushi may have different kinds of dish and one of them is the sashimi. Sashimi is a Japanese food that is made from a raw fish or meat that is finely sliced into thin pieces and is paired with wasabi and soy sauce. Continue reading

How to Make a No Bake Tofu Lemon Cheesecake

As far as desserts go, this dairy-free version of lemon cheesecake is divine. For those of the vegan variety, the tofu lemon cheesecake fits nicely into the menu. It is fairly easy to make with just a few ingredients. Preparing the dessert becomes even easier when using a pre-made pie crust. The big key in making this dish is finding the right tofu. Continue reading

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